Trellis Progress

Released August 26


Drive student success with Trellis Progress. This product focuses on three important factors that can influence a student's university experience: their relationship with an instructor, their classroom performance, and the university's ability to intervene and guide students to academic resources. Trellis Progress provides faculty with a convenient platform to address all three things through a simple, comment-based feedback system. Key features include the instructor's ability to build, preview, and send custom progress reports based on the student or classroom's needs. Trellis Progress can also connect students with campus resources such as the Think Tank, SALT Center, and academic advisors who can help students make informed decisions throughout their UA journey.

Who Will This Benefit?

Trellis Progress will initially serve faculty and undergraduate students in their first or second year at the UA. The team is exploring ways to expand its functionality and usage to additional service units who support our students.

Functionalities In Development

  • Build comment-based progress reports in a quick dropdown-style platform
  • Choose from common classroom performance or retention topics
  • Email 1 or more students at the same time, based on needs
  • Preview and check progress report content prior to send
  • Receive acknowledgment when a student interacts with your progress report

Key Dates


Product development/testing

August 26

Trellis Progress will be available to all UA faculty