Trellis CRM is the University of Arizona's enterprise constituent relationship management program.

About the Program

Trellis supports strategic and intentional communications, services, and engagement with students, alumni, parents and families, corporate partners, faculty, and employees across the University of Arizona. The program is part of Pillar 5 of the Arizona Strategic Plan which supports "Institutional Excellence". LEARN MORE


Trellis offers a suite of digital solutions to support your everyday constituent interactions. An enterprise CRM system means more visibility, more insight, and a chance to focus on building meaningful relationships. Currently, Trellis offers these core services: Appointment Scheduling, Service Management, Early Progress Reports, Communications Management, Social Media Management, and Events Management. LEARN MORE

Partner Initiatives

Trellis also partners with units across the University of Arizona to be a catalyst for widespread change and digital transformation. Here are some of the collaborative projects that the program has worked on with departments such as: Student Academic Technologies, Enrollment Marketing, and Student Success & Retention Innovation. LEARN MORE

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