Social Media Management


Trellis enables social media managers to share and amplify quality content to larger, more engaged audiences. Marketers will have one tool to connect with audiences across all social media platforms, as well as monitor and track their campaigns for real-time performance analysis. They will also be able to establish social listening dashboards which allows them to see what's being said online, across multiple verticals, about key departments and stakeholders.

Social media accounts speaking on behalf of the University of Arizona that meet the following requirements are eligible for access to the university-wide social media software, Sprout Social. Eligible accounts must:

  • Have completed a social strategy worksheet 
  • Post a minimum of three times per week on each account connected 
  • Actively utilize Sprout for scheduling and analytics, with no more than one month lapse 
  • Attend all required trainings 

Who Will This Benefit?

Trellis Social will serve marketing and communications teams across the University of Arizona. At product launch, up to 400 social channels will be selected to utilize the platform to manage the publishing and engagement of social media posts. Once these channels have been established inside the tool, additional users who manage accounts outside of the tool will be provided access to the platform so they can share content with previously provisioned accounts.

Regardless of the type of access, channel or content, social media managers will have greater access to better content to share with their audiences. Ultimately, the University’s social media audiences will benefit by being served this content over time.


  • Publishing social posts
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Content sharing & amplification
  • Social Reporting
  • Social Listening and Response
  • Benchmarking
  • Reputation management

Brand Information

Social media and brand guidelines for marketers can be found at

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