Degree Search


Degree Search is an enhanced web experience that provides prospective freshmen, transfer students, and current students an opportunity to search the full breadth of majors available at the University of Arizona. The interactive major discovery platform creates the opportunity for a college exploration experience that helps students develop their Wildcat identity. Key features will include:

  • the ability to search majors by interest, location, and other criteria
  • engaging content around majors including sample courses and potential career paths
  • transfer portal that will allow students to upload courses from Arizona community colleges or universities to begin to understand how their credits might transfer

Who will this benefit?

While Degree Search is largely intended for prospective first-time freshmen, through the diverse feature set, it will also provide value to transfer students, current students looking to change majors, our community college partners, and distance learners. In the future, Trellis is exploring opportunities to support graduate programs, certificates, and minors.

Planned Work for Degree Search

  • Discover all current undergraduate majors at the university, with ability to filter by key interests, location, college, etc
  • Include details about each major including a description, college program details, and four-year plan
  • Search by major name and keywords
  • Upload coursework from in-state community colleges and universities and test scores like AP, IB, etc. to see how transfer credits might map to a four-year plan for any major
  • Create and login to user accounts using Social2SAML (social single sign-on)
    • Save favorite majors
    • Save uploaded transfer coursework

Key Dates

December 15, 2019 MVP1: All undergraduate majors in alphabetical list with major details pages (including description, college program details, four-year plan, links for how to apply and cost and aid)
January 2020 MVP2: Filter majors by location, college, level of math and second language
February 2020 MVP3: User accounts using Social2SAML; add majors to user’s favorites list
March 2020

MVP4: Transfer Portal (4-year plan sample course mapping by major for transfer credits from in-state community colleges/universities and for test scores like AP, IB, etc.)

MVP5: New landing page that asks users to select key interests to find relevant majors; new content for all majors, including engaging major descriptions, sample courses, potential career paths, and keywords for SEO

June 2020 Degree Search live on The University of Arizona Website's homepage:

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