Trellis Progress FAQs

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Trellis Progress is an early reporting system for instructors to provide feedback to students enrolled in their courses. As an instructor, you may provide both positive and constructive feedback on course performance and attendance. Upon sending a progress report, students will receive an email that provides them the chance to acknowledge they received your feedback. Your feedback will be visible to student support staff (e.g. academic advisors) to ensure timely help for your students.

See our page on how to send a progress report for step-by-step instructions.

1. Try refreshing the page. Very rarely, the student list won't appear or a certain function won't work. Usually, refreshing the page will fix the issue.

2. If refreshing the page doesn't work, report the bug to 24/7 IT Support Center.

When switching between pages on your student list, your selections on other pages are preserved.

Your selections are cleared every time you begin building a new progress report.

You can sort by a column on the student list by selecting the title of the column in the first row. The available sorting options are ascending (A-Z, up arrow), descending (Z-A, down arrow), and no sort (no arrow). By default, the student list is not sorted.

There are four main pre-scripted feedback category types to choose from: academic concerns, attendance concerns, general concerns, and affirmations/positive feedback.

For more details, see the Progress Feedback Comments Glossary (Box file; sign in with your UA NetID credentials). This document has a list of specific feedback items, suggested actions, and best practices for each.

On the same step where you select the pre-scripted feedback, you can also add additional comments to your progress report. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and type your comments in the textbox. You can edit your text with the options provided in the edit ribbon (e.g. bold text, bulleted list).

With this feature, you can add a personal message to your student(s) to provide additional encouragement or information (e.g. your office hours or SI support). If you add comments, they will be sent to your student(s) in a separate email that will include a personalized greeting to each selected student.

Students will receive an email informing them of their course progress concerns or affirmations in your course along with recommended actions to help correct their performance or further their achievement. Based on the type of feedback, the student may be encouraged to seek out additional services or resources.

Each student will be required to acknowledge and confirm that they’ve read the email. If the message remains unconfirmed after 14 days, the SSRI team will begin reaching out to students through other communication such as text message.

Inform students that you will be sending feedback and remind them of when and where they can connect with you to discuss their course progress. If you plan to send feedback more than once in a given semester, let students know when they can anticipate updated feedback.

Contact the 24/7 IT Support Center for help with Trellis Progress.