Information for UAccess Notes, WiseAdvising, and eSMS users

With the introduction of Trellis Advise on November 29th, a few existing calendaring and note-taking systems will be impacted by this launch. Please review the information below and update your department's instructions and website links where needed.

  • All historic advising notes and attachments from UAccess Notes will be uploaded into the Trellis system. These notes and attachments are for all active & inactive, undergraduate students.
  • UAccess Notes for the above-mentioned students will become read-only on the evening of November 26th. After this transition, new notes from Trellis will be available to view in UAccess Analytics.
  • Advisors who meet jointly with undergraduate & graduate students will be able to enter notes for both groups in Trellis. All others will continue to make notes in UAccess.
  • Any links to the advisors' calendars will need to be replaced with the Trellis student login link: This should happen when the advisor has moved into Trellis, so students can book appointments through the new platform.
  • There are 3 primary populations related to WiseAdvising transitions:
    • Population 1: WiseAdvising users who will be moved into Trellis Advise in late November. These are either undergraduate academic advisors, or staff who help manage calendars for academic advisors.
    • Population 2: WiseAdvising users who will be moved into Trellis after Population 1 in late December.
    • Population 3: Inactive WiseAdvising users whose accounts will be deactivated after November 26th, 2019.
  • WiseAdvising users who are moving into Trellis initially (Population 1) will need to follow these instructions on how to remove availability & redirect students to the Trellis system. Students will no longer be able to schedule appointments in WiseAdvising past November 26th. On November 27th, WiseAdvising will close student access to the system for these advisor accounts but will remain open through campus network or VPN off-campus. This will allow for referencing previous appointment records for 60 days after the closing date.
  • Active WiseAdvising users who are not initially moving to Trellis (Population 2) will be transitioned into Trellis approximately four weeks afterward. After this, WiseAdvising will be retired.
  • Inactive WiseAdvising users will have their profiles deactivated on November 27th.
  • Starting November 27th, eSMS advisors will use Trellis Advise to view advisor notes, but not schedule appointments.
  • The eSMS platform will stay active after the Trellis Advise go-live date. On November 27th, advisor notes from eSMS will feed directly into the Trellis system (instead of UAccess).
  • Notes already sent to UAccess from eSMS are included in the UAccess Notes cutover project, as part of the historical advising notes upload into Trellis.
  • eSMS advisors will see a calendar in Trellis Advise but it will not be used to schedule students. For students, they will be redirected to eSMS for appointment scheduling.
  • Eller and CLAS advisors will populate in Trellis Advise when students search for adivsors. However, when students go to book an appointment with Eller or CLAS advisors, students will be redirected to eSMS.


For questions regarding access to UAccess Notes, WiseAdvising, and eSMS:

Contact Zachary Potter, IT Program Leader

For Trellis Advise help and desk support: Contact 24/7 IT Support

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