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Trellis Social enables social media managers to share content across channels effectively, so the quality content generated across the university is served to larger, more engaged audiences. Furthermore, marketers will have one tool to engage with audiences across all social media platforms, as well as monitor and track their campaigns for real-time performance analysis. They will also be able to establish social listening dashboards, allowing them to see what's being said online, across multiple verticals, about key departments and stakeholders.

Who Will This Benefit?

Trellis Social will serve marketing and communications teams across the university. At product launch, up to 400 social channels will be selected to utilize the platform to manage the publishing and engagement of social media posts. Once these channels have been established inside the tool, additional users who manage accounts outside of the tool will be provided access to the platform so they can share content with previously provisioned accounts.

Regardless of the type of access, channel or content, social media managers will have greater access to better content to share with their audiences. Ultimately, the university’s social media audiences will benefit by being served this content over time.

Features Included in Trellis Social

  • Publishing
  • Engagement
  • Content Sharing
  • Reporting
  • Social Listening and Response
  • Benchmarking
  • Reputation Management

Helpful Links

For more information about Trellis Social, or to ask about access for your university social channels, please contact Cindy Rupp Valdez, Product Manager (Trellis CRM).

Guidelines and information for social media marketers can be found at

Requesting & Removing Access 

Do you want to learn how to request or remove Trellis Social access? Or, do you need to transfer a Social post from one user to another? 

Expand the panels below to read our how-to guide.


Sign in to the Access Provisioning Tool (APT) at (Sign in with your UA NetID credentials.).

If the navigation defaults to any open requests, click on the ‘New Request’ tab on the top navigation bar.

  1. Subject - Search for the Subject User requiring access to be granted. The preferred method of search is by NetID or EmplID.
  2. Select an Access Provisioning Liaison to Approve this Request – Click on one of the authorized approvers from the list. If there is only one APL, their information will be automatically selected.

  1. Request Type/Request Reason/Business Justification - Choose the Type of Request and the Reason for Request. Include an Effective Date if prompted. Input a description of the specific job duties the user has that justifies the access being requested. Click ‘Continue to role selection’.
  2. Choose the system ‘Trellis’ and Subject Area ‘Social’.
  3. Make Selections - Each role has a description and prerequisite flags if required. Information Security Awareness Training, Enterprise User Access Agreement, and FERPA training are required.
  4. Select one Role as appropriate. Each Role is unique and contains a description of what type of access is granted.
  5. If prompted for additional information, select or enter information as needed.
  6. Click ‘Save’.


Enter business justification, select System, Subject Area, and Role.
  1. You will be notified via email once you are able to access the system.

Sign in to the Access Provisioning Tool (APT) at (Sign in with your UA NetID credentials.).

If the navigation defaults to any open requests, click on the ‘New Request’ tab on the top navigation bar.

  1. Select the Subject User requiring access removal.
  2. Select the Approver of this request.
  3. Choose the Type of Request and the Reason for Request.
  4. All removal requests must include an Effective Date that the access must be removed; the date should be within 15 days of the request.
  5. Under Business Justification, please input that the access needing to be removed is specifically for Trellis Social.


Enter subject, access provisioning liaison, type of request, and reason for request
  1. Select the System ‘UAccess Systems – Access Removal’
  2. Select ‘Trellis CRM’ as the Subject Area.
  3. Make your selection.
  4. Click ‘Save’.


Select System, Subject Area, and Save
  1. Confirm all the information is correct. When ready, click on ‘Submit Request’.
  2. When the request has been completed, an approval email will be sent to the requestor only.

Posts that are assigned to a user who has their Trellis Social access removed will fail to run. This action needs to be completed by the user who will be the new author of the Trellis Social post(s).

The new person must already be provisioned (if posts cannot be transferred to anyone else in the meantime). See the above section, ‘How to Get Access for a New Trellis Social User’.

  • Copy any existing, scheduled posts from the old person and republish under new user profile.
    1. Search for posts by author, by clicking their name on the left-hand toolbar.
    2. Posts will appear in the main window. Sort author’s posts by List view.
    3. Select the specific post you would like to copy over to the new author.
    4. When the post details open, an option will be available to Duplicate Post. Click Duplicate Post and select new author.
    5. Click Save.


Search for post, open post, click Duplicate Post, and save
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