Trellis Service Desk


Trellis Service Desk provides a suite of phone, live chat, and webform capabilities that help University service professionals support students and other constituents. The application is designed to help facilitate in-person and digital service case management with curated reporting and holistic view of constituent journeys -- one that integrates with the rest of the Trellis CRM system.

Who will this benefit?

  • Your students and constituents
  • University employees who manage a help desk
  • Supervisors, student service units, and staff

What features are planned for Trellis Service Desk?

  • A holistic view of the constituent journey
  • Appointment setting and scheduling
  • Virtual & in-person check-in displays and queues
  • Service case management
  • Online form submissions to create cases
  • Live chat & chat to create cases
  • Telephony (phone integration) & phone to create cases
  • Email to create cases (centralized email inbox)
  • Reporting & dashboards
  • In-system user & group interactions (Chatter)

Looking to get in touch with us?

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