Trellis MDM (Master Data Management)

What Is Master Data Management (MDM)?

"Master Data refers to the critical data that are essential to an enterprise’s business and often used in multiple disciplines and departments. Master Data Management (MDM) is the establishment and maintenance of an enterprise level data service that provides accurate, consistent and complete master data across the enterprise and to all business partners." (Towards Data Science, Inc.)

MDM is an important data strategy that creates a single reference source for access to real-time, accurate data. The University of Arizona currently utilizes multiple systems of record for managing constituent information including PeopleSoft, Slate, UAccess, Ticketmaster, Blackbaud, Salesforce, and more. Depending on the department you reside in or the service that you provide, your constituent information is coming from different sources. As more data is plugged into different systems, the likelihood of inaccurate, duplicated, or outdated constituent information increases.

Trellis will use data from the existing systems at Arizona to create a single MDM system for CRM. The process includes identifying, defining, and agreeing on which data can be deemed the "best composite record". The project requires much collaboration among data experts and thorough understanding of data attributes.

Benefits of MDM

MDM will help consolidate and centralize the variety of data that results from a multi-organizational institution. By tackling this work early in the program, Trellis is ensuring data quality and uniformity across the university. MDM will help make data more:

  • Accurate (valid and free of errors)
  • Complete (encompass all available records)
  • De-duplicated (recorded once and the system is available for cross-checking)
  • Standardized (recorded in the same manner across all records)
  • Consistent (defined and used for the same purpose across all records)
  • Timely (continually updated; stale data is removed or flagged)

While this strategy is initially being used for Trellis CRM, other Arizona departments may benefit from its organizational framework. In conjunction with other business and data strategies, MDM has the capacity to increase the value of Arizona's data as an asset.

Key Dates

Trellis launched the MDM project on May 8, 2019 and gathered over 35 university leaders and stakeholders to begin work. The MDM system will incorporate data from existing systems incrementally, starting with PeopleSoft, followed by instances of Slate, as well as systems used by the UA Athletics department. The goal is to have the majority of systems incorporated into Trellis MDM by the end of December 2019 with additional systems used by Arizona Foundation and other units to be incorporated in 2020.


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