Trellis Advise


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Take the guesswork out of managing academic appointments. Trellis Advise is focused on enhancing the University of Arizona's student and advisor experience, empowering both users to book their advising appointment on a simple, easy-to-use platform. The tool is designed to help facilitate interactions and provide a more modern, personalized experience in booking appointments, documenting student interactions, and communicating with 1:1 and 1:many.

Who Will This Benefit?

Trellis Advise will initially serve undergraduate academic advisors and undergraduate students from prospect to graduation. In December, remaining graduate and faculty advisors will be moved into the Trellis system. The team is hosting additional workshops to explore ways to expand its functionality for additional student service units.

What features are planned for Trellis Advise?

  • Calendar availability and appointment scheduling
  • Drop-in advising
  • Group advising
  • Cases (formerly "notes")
  • Email and mobile text messaging (1:1 and 1:many)
  • Enrolled and prospective undergraduate logins
  • 1-way Outlook Calendar integration
  • Queue management & check-ins
  • Chatter (internal communications application)
  • Console (multi-tab feature)
  • Knowledge (in-app training & support materials)
  • APT access requests
  • Appointment surveys
  • Reporting

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Key Dates

Early July Beta 1: Appointment scheduling will be released to select advising units
Early August Beta 2: Appointment scheduling and quick advising will be released to additional advising units
October Beta 3: Trellis Advise will be released to additional advising units to test functionality
November 18

Trellis Advise will be accessible to all undergraduate advisors; advisors can begin creating availabilities in the system prior to the WiseAdvising cutover

November 21, 22, 25, 26 Trellis CRM and ARC will be hosting training sessions leading up to the launch
November 25 This is the due date for advisors to request changes or updates to advisor office locations or caseloads in Trellis Advise
November 26 All UAccess Notes for undergraduate students will be in the Trellis system. This is also the last day undergraduate advisors should host academic appointments through WiseAdvising.
November 27 UAccess Notes and WiseAdvising becomes read-only for undergraduate advisors
November 29 - Launch Trellis Advise will be released to all Arizona academic advisors who interact with undergraduate students
December 3 & 5 Trellis CRM will be hosting additional training sessions post-launch
December 2019 - Present Ongoing maintenance and feature enhancements in collaboration with the advising community