Trellis Advise

Status: Beta III Testing


Take the guesswork out of managing academic appointments. This product is focused on enhancing the UA's student and advisor experience, empowering both constituents to book their advising appointment on a simple, easy-to-use platform. The application is designed to help facilitate interactions and provide a streamlined experience to make calendared appointments, document interactions with students, and communicate with each other by way of email and text messaging.

Who Will This Benefit?

Trellis Advise will initially serve academic advisors and undergraduate students from prospect to graduation. The team is hosting additional workshops to explore ways to expand its functionality and usage to additional service units who support UA students.

What features are planned for Trellis Advise?

  • Calendar availability and appointment scheduling
  • Quick advising for walk-ins
  • Appointment notes
  • Email and mobile text messaging (1:1 and 1:many)
  • Enrolled and prospective undergraduate logins
  • Outlook Calendar 1-way integration
  • Appointment prerequisite fields
  • Appointment surveys
  • Reporting

Key Dates

Early July - Beta 1 Appointment scheduling will be released to select advising units
Early August - Beta 2 Appointment scheduling and quick advising will be released to additional advising units
October - Beta 3 Trellis Advise will be released to additional advising units to test functionality
Late November - Launch Trellis Advise will be released to all UA academic advisors who interact with undergraduate students