Release Notes 2021, September 29 (v2.32.0)


  • SOS users and Seed account users will now receive notifications for incoming texts through the Trellis notifications bell in the top right corner instead of the Mogli notifications.


  • Improved the Email Setup flow. 
    • Event Organizers can see the correct actions to take based on the statuses of the Attendees.
    • Removed the Send Invite and Send Reminder buttons from the page layout. These are now options in the Email Setup tab.
    • Required fields for the email templates have been moved to the first screen of the flow.
  • Event Organizers can preview the Attendee registration experience by following the Email Setup process to send themselves (or a colleague) a test Invitation email.
    • When the email is received, they can follow the links to register for the event and take additional action on the test attendee record.
    • A two-hour testing window is provided prior to the record being deleted and no longer testable.
  • When an event has more than one Event Item (i.e. ticket), the section of the Event page that displays the options for registrants now says "Registration Options" instead of "Pricing".
  • The UA favicon now appears on the browser tab for published event pages.