Release Notes 2021, September 22 (v2.31.0)


  • "EZ Preset" has been replaced with "Recurrence Pattern" on the Recurring Events related list for events with recurrences since EZ Preset is no longer used.
  • Recurrence Pattern contains a description of the recurrence based on the selections made when it was created or edited.


  • The Contact Import process matches on standard Email as well as University or Alternate. Duplicate NetIDs in a file do not cause it to critically fail when one has a different case.

Change of Schedule

  • The Change of Schedule (CoS) process has been improved and streamlined overall. The following changes have been made:
    • Cases are no longer created until the very end of the process unless the student selected that their request requires a late petition and uploaded documentation. Now, in most situations, a case will only be created if the student submits the CoS form, which should greatly reduce the existence of incomplete case records.
    • Made adjustments to the student form's summary page that appears when adding a course. The explanation of what the student is doing is more clear, the form allows the user to enter a "Request for Explanation" on multiple lines more easily, and the page displays the units applicable to the course.
    • Made changes to the student form's summary page that appears when withdrawing, swapping, changing grading basis, or changing units. The action being taken is reiterated, the page displays information about the withdrawn/changed and added courses as applicable in an easier-to-read format, and the form allows the student to enter a "Request for Explanation" on multiple lines more easily.
  • Cases with the "Tuition Appeal" category will not appear in the "Registrar - Enrollment and Student Records" list view.
  • Deleted duplicate old Change in Grading Basis field, updated Cases with or without Contacts report type, and restored the Grading Basis on the instructor approval screen of the Change of Schedule feature.