Release Notes 2021, September 1 (v2.28.0)


  • New document submission form was created for students to submit resumes, cover letters, and online profiles to Student Engagement & Career Development to review.

Change of Schedule

  • Made enhancements to student form.
    • Students can use the CoS form with a class that has a non-integer number of units.
    • When students request to Add or Change in Units for a variable unit class, they can request the number of units to be added so that the Office of the Registrar and College/Approvers have these details.
  • When a student replies to a Change of Schedule approval or denial notification, the case no longer reopens.
    • Closed cases for different departments or for non-approval cases for the Registrar department will still reopen when an email is received.


  • Users within the same department (Role) can now edit each others' campaigns.
  • Event organizers can now test the Reminder to Register email.
  • Event Organizers can send a reminder email to a large audience so that they can remind my audience to register.