Release Notes 2021, June 9 (v2.17.0)


  • Fixed issue on Scheduling tab where Select user, My Calendar, and Search user could have conflicting values.
  • Fixed issue where student calendar would refresh more than once per minute.
  • Created Scheduling Super User permission set.
    • This allows a user to create and edit appointments and availability for any scheduling user through the calendar, even those outside their group.
    • Super users can view and use populations on other people's calendars that they would otherwise not have access to.


  • Made language more consistent for service cases
    • Service Case's Conversation tab had a label changed from Case Notes to Comment. 
    • Service Case's Transfer tab empty value box now reads: "I would like to add a comment on the case"

Marketing Cloud & Campaigns

  • Users who intend to use the "Save to Marketing Cloud" button on Campaigns in Trellis are no longer allowed to use an "&" (ampersand) in the campaign name.


  • Removed the option to "Allow Customers/Guests" when creating a new Chatter group.