Release Notes 2021, June 23 (v2.19.0)


  • New Functionality: Service Cases will remain open when transferred to a new group. 
    • Replaces the previous process of closing the old case and creating a new case when transferring.
    • Allows users to track historic change in owners.
  • An opt-in text message is sent to users the first time they opt-in to the UArizona-SOS SMS service.


  • Added event recurrence feature
    • Event organizers can now take an event that will be offered multiple times on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and quickly create a recurrence for it.
    • "Create Recurring Event Setting" is a new module under the checklist on the right side of an event record page.
    • View our updated advanced user guide on Events to learn more about using recurrence.
  • Added event templates
    • Event organizers can now create new event records with the record type "Template".
    • Event records with the type "Template" can be cloned to make full, individual event records.
    • Event organizers could use this functionality to quickly create full events from templates that they have set up beforehand.