Release Notes 2021, July 27 (v2.24.0)


  • New Functionality: Implementation of SAFER case investigation management tools.
    • The search layout for Contact was reordered so that the second field is now the email address. In Contact lookup fields on other records, the value below the name will now be email (was previously preferred name).
    • SAFER users can search for cases by HIPAA ID, HIPAA Phone, and HIPAA Mobile values.

Change of Schedule

  • Students receive a notification email that their COS request was approved.
  • New Functionality: For Registrar staff needing to assign a Change of Schedule case to a queue, cases associated with undergraduate students will now default to the correct queue.
    • On a Change of Schedule case for an undergraduate student, check the Assign to Queue component in the right sidebar and notice the value now defaults.
    • This information is calculated based on the Primary College Code found on the most recent Active in Program student enrollment.
    • Because graduate students are associated only with the Graduate Degree-seeking or other generic graduate code, the Choose a Queue picklist will continue to default to blank for them. Students in other outlier programs such as teacher certification, undergraduate non-degree seeking, etc. will also continue to default to blank as well.


  • When you search and add contacts to records (used for service cases, creating event attendees, etc.), you will now see a column called "Primary Department" to help identify UA faculty/staff/DCCs based on their primary department.
    • Only contacts who have an affiliation to a university department because they are a faculty, staff, professor emeritus, DCC, etc. will have a value in this column.
    • For contacts who are affiliated with more than one department, the primary department is displayed as determined by UAccess data.