Release Notes 2021, July 14 (v2.22.0)


  • Implementation of SAFER case investigation management tools
    • Updates made to existing users to ensure access to HIPAA cases is only granted to provisioned users.
    • Users with the SAFER Volunteer role cannot set a HIPAA case status to Closed.
    • A Report called "SAFER MEDSIS Export Report" in the SAFER report folder can be used to export closed cases and the associated activities.


  • The Geolocation field is now included as one of the fields that are cloned when an event organizer clones an event. 
  • Updated all Events list views with more columns.
    • Replaced "Status Formula" with "Status".
    • Added a column that shows the publication status of events.

Marketing Cloud

  • Relationship campaigns can be filtered by either students or employees so that marketers can email only students or only employees.
    • The respective audience can opt-out or manage preferences appropriately in the subscription center.
    • All existing relationship campaigns in Trellis will automatically have both audiences selected when this update goes live.