Release Notes 2021, August 4 (v2.25.0)

Change of Schedule

  • New: Change of Schedule notification emails sent to Instructors have been refined. Instructors will receive multiple notification emails, as opposed to just one.
  • The Instructor Notification emails sent for Change of Schedule requests have been updated to have a nice look-and-feel. The subject line and body have been adjusted to provide clear information about the request, and messaging to ask for a response within two business days has been added
  • A new date/time field has been added called "Submitted for Approval." This field is set automatically when an instructor is added to a Change of Schedule case, either when the case is first created, or later by the Registrar if the instructor was not initially set. This date/time field can be used to track when the instructor would have received a notification to review the case, and is used to determine whether to send a second notification.
  • An additional notification will now be sent to instructors with the same template as the first except for a note that a response is needed as soon as possible. This email will go to the instructor at 9 AM for cases that meet this criteria:
    • Department = Registrar
    • Status = *any open statu*s (the case is not closed)
    • Department = Registrar
    • Subcategory contains Change of Schedule
    • Instructor is not blank
    • Instructor Approval Status is blank
    • Submitted for Approval date = 2 business days ago (see explanation below)
  • A report has been added to the Change of Schedule - All folder that shows all cases that are waiting on instructor approval summarized by the instructor then the Submitted for Approval date.
  • How business days are being calculated:
    • If Submitted for Approval = Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, the second email is sent the following Wednesday
    • If Submitted for approval = Tuesday, the second email is sent Thursday
    • If Submitted for approval = Wednesday, the second email is sent Friday
    • If Submitted for approval = Thursday, the second email is sent Monday
    • If Submitted for approval = Friday, the second email is sent Tuesday
  • Update: Registrar users can now email students directly from Change of Schedule cases.
  • Advisors (who are not Change of Schedule Approvers) can now see Change of Schedule fields on the Case object.


  • A report titled "Contacts (excludes email opt out)" is now available on a new Reports tab on the Campaign page layout.