Release Notes 2021, August 17 (v2.27.0)


  • Event organizers can now delete Event Items that Attendees have not registered for.
  • Event Organizers can now click the "Send Reminder" button on an Event record to trigger a reminder email to all attendees with the "Invited" Registration Status.
  • Event organizers can specify the parent campaign when setting up invitations or reminders to register emails, allowing prospective attendees to opt-out of unit-specific commercial communications.


  • Marketers and Event Organizers can upload a list of any size to Campaigns.
    • When uploading lists to Campaigns, you can select the self-service or full-service option.
    • Self-service allows you to upload a list of fewer than 800 contacts and import them to Trellis immediately.
    • Full-service allows you to upload a list of more than 800 contacts, though it could take the Trellis team up to 5 business days to import the contacts for you. You can indicate priority on these requests.

Early Progress Reports

  • Removed one Early Progress Report Feedback selection and updated the text that sends and displays for all entries.