Personal Program Plans now in CatCloud

Aug. 21, 2023
Screenshot of the Plans tab in the student portal CatCloud

We are excited to announce the rollout of Personal Program Plans in the student CatCloud ecosystem. Built in conjunction with the work from Student Engagement & Career Development (SECD) as the next evolution of their Career Journey Map, Plans allow you to help students to maximize their time at the University by creating a roadmap to accomplish goals along the way. My Wildcat Career Journey focuses students on meeting career development milestones. This 4-year plan will be accessible to all incoming first-year students while a 3-year Accelerated plan will be accessible to all incoming transfers and returning sophomores in the Fall 2023 semester. These can serve as students’ career plans, with the ability to add notes in addition to the provided suggestions. We are so grateful to Emily McCarthy, Senior Director of Career Development, and the SECD team for their collaboration and support.

The right-most tab in CatCloud is where students will access their plans including My Wildcat Career Journey, their plan notes, and any associated files. Plan items are broken down by term and due dates. Trellis users can utilize pre-formatted templates, clone existing plans, or create their own plans to best cater to the unique needs of the students they support.   
These individualized plans can be shared with advisors and other university staff who can also contribute items, notes, and suggestions as students progress through their plan.