Comparing Enterprise Organizational Paths at Around 1,000 Users

May 18, 2022
Opening slide of salesforce education summit presentation

Alongside University of Florida Salesforce Solution Architect Brian Karcinski, The University of Arizona’s own Meredith Aronson, IT Business Architect of the Trellis team, spoke at the Salesforce Education Summit on the successes of the rollout of Salesforce software at the University of Arizona through a centralized strategy and funding model.  

Among the key points of the presentation, Meredith addressed the starting point of the Trellis Program, key takeaways from the first three years of the program, and the Trellis roadmap and goals for the near future.  

Starting Point: 

  • Opportunity to use CRM as an enabler to core strategy for efforts around student persistence, alumni and donor goals, external partnerships, resulting in receiving 3 years of strategic funding 

  • Feedback from colleges and business units directed at the opportunities to resolve their core business problems 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Build function and then scale application using agile development 

  • Rapid growth of the Trellis team and product 

  • Team innovation impacts other IT teams 

Looking Forward: 

  • 360-degree view of Trellis constituents 

  • Presenting data back to key stakeholders 

  • Continuing the process of building user communities 

You can view the full presentation here. If you would like to learn more about Salesforce CRM in other educational use cases, you can explore more information from the Education Summit. You will have to create a salesforce account, but this will grant you the ability to explore all the high-quality knowledge from the Education Summit.