Trellis Program in Blackthorn Webinar

March 2, 2022

Trellis team members, Kate Rusie (Product Owner), Caelan White (Salesforce Architect), and Mario Vasquez (Trellis UX) had the exciting opportunity of representing Trellis in a recent webinar with Salesforce and Blackthorn. The purpose of the webinar was to highlight the powerful enterprise events tools available now through Trellis. 

“In case you missed this awesome webinar, the University of Arizona is doing big things with Blackthorn Events and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. From the first interaction with a prospective student to the most important omnichannel follow-up messages, these Wildcats are ensuring a seamless events and communications experience for students at every stage of the student lifecycle.” 

Trellis Events allows campus users to manage virtual, hybrid, and in-person university events of all sizes, from a 5-person workshop to large, complex events. Trellis Events was released for general availability in May 2021. For more information visit: