Students Gain Real-World Career Experience Working for Trellis

Dec. 17, 2020


Student workers are an integral part of the Trellis CRM program. They provide direct support and first-hand student perspectives to help advance new CRM projects. Thanks to their continuous feedback and contribution throughout the year, Trellis has been able to further the University of Arizona’s CRM strategy in the hopes of improving Arizona’s student experience. Let’s meet a few of the seniors on the Trellis team.

Meet Richaunti Williams, Senior Marketing Assistant

Richaunti is a senior graduating this fall from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in Linguistics. She has been a member of the Trellis Marcom team since March 2020 and “has loved every minute of it!” After graduation, Richaunti will be moving to Los Angeles to start her career in marketing and social media management.

Question: How has working for Trellis prepared you for your future career goals? What have you learned?

Richaunti Williams: My work in Trellis has prepared me for my future career in more ways than imagined. The Trellis Marcom team was my first real marketing job and I have learned so much about the industry in 9 short months. Some of the many skills I have learned are adaptability, time management, and creativity. All of these are extremely vital to have a marketing career due to how fast-paced and ever-changing the field is. I am very thankful to have been offered this position.


Meet Holli Meza, Research Assistant

Holli is a senior who will also be graduating this fall with a Bachelor of Arts in Information Science and eSociety with minors in Spanish and Information Science, Technology, and the Arts. After graduation, Holli hopes to work in data analytics for a well-established company, ultimately moving into a role working for the FBI. During her time at Trellis, Holli says she has learned many skills, but the most valuable were how to use new digital tools, execute projects, and collaborate more effectively with the team.

Question: What has been your favorite or most memorable project you've worked on this year?

Holli Meza: The research project that I did over the summer. This project was for my portfolio as well as advancing the Trellis scheduling tool. This project took a long time and was a learning experience for me, but it was an amazing and necessary one.


Meet Cyrus Madrone, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administration Assistant

Cyrus is a senior in the Eller College of Management. He will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management this coming spring 2021! Post-graduation, Cyrus will be taking on the role of Associate Consultant at Oracle NetSuite. Out of everything he’s learned so far on the Trellis team, Cyrus has most enjoyed learning about all things Salesforce, data, and how the CRM program supports the Arizona Strategic Plan.

Question: How has working for Trellis prepared you for your future career goals? What have you learned?

Cyrus Madrone: My work with Trellis gave me meaningful exposure to Salesforce products. More importantly, it has shown me the ebbs and flows of configuring, onboarding, and training new business units across campus. This work is incredibly relevant to my future career in software consulting as I will be using a suite of similar products (NetSuite!) to help provide visibility, growth, and insight to businesses. Since I joined the Trellis team, I've had the opportunity to explore Salesforce's seemingly endless array of features and nuances. My future position with Oracle will also utilize cloud-based applications ranging from CRM, financials, enterprise resource planning (ERP), HR, and more.

Also graduating this fall semester is Student Research Assistant Ritoban Gupta. He is receiving a Master of Science in Management Information Systems with a specialization in Business Intelligence and Analytics.


Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

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