Monthly Status Report: November 2020

COMING SOON: FY2020-2021 Q3 Report

Trellis Service Desk & Scheduling

  • Launched:

    • Office of the Registrar in Service Desk - Chat

    • University Libraries and Disabilities Resource Center (DRC) in Service Desk

  • Onboarding:

    • Women & Gender/LGBTQ+ Resource Centers, Think Tank, Human Resources, Department of Psychology in Service Desk

    • Veterans Education & Transition Services (VETS) in Service Desk and scheduling

  • New features:

    • Rolling out texting capabilities for Support. Outreach. Success. (SOS)

  • Post-launch support in progress for:

    • University Libraries

    • Office of the Registrar

    • Disability Resource Center

    • Study Abroad

    • Support. Outreach. Success (SOS)

    • Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid (OSFA)


Trellis Marketing Cloud 

  • Onboarded Student Success & Retention Innovation (SSRI)

  • Built a pathway for "individual email results" from Trellis Events, so that they can be represented on individual contact records

  • Established Business Units for future onboarding of College of Science, College of Applied Science and Technology, and Arizona Global

  • Enhanced template experience for users of "dark mode" with appropriate logos and fonts


Trellis Events

  • Iterated on system objects (Speakers, Sessions and Tracks) for complex-style, virtual conferences

  • Implemented Event filters for future Drupal integration and a "preference center"

  • Released feature improvements for free events (virtual, in-person, hybrid)


Data Strategy & Quality

  • Master Data Management (MDM) integration with the Arizona Athletics department's data systems is in production/testing

    • Completion of the Athletics integration will also mark the completion of the third and final contracted phase of initial MDM implementation