About Trellis


Trellis is the University of Arizona's Constituent Relationship Management program created to optimize university relationships through technology and data.

Today, the university's vital information about stakeholders is dispersed across a variety of software platforms and spreadsheets, making it hard to access data and collaborate with university partners. This approach prevents Arizona from achieving a complete view of the people and organizations we interact with. 

Implementing a CRM strategy will connect our university like never before. By bringing information and data together in a single, comprehensive view for every Arizona stakeholder, the university can provide more meaningful and personalized interactions. Trellis CRM takes an outside-in perspective to understanding how people view their relationship with the university and how they engage with us.

The program is part of pillar 5 of the Arizona Strategic Plan, and one of several key initiatives that will enable the university to achieve the aspirations in the plan. 

University Information Technology Services is implementing Trellis CRM, beginning with a three-year plan to establish critical relationship workflows and develop the service model. UITS Executive Director for Digital Transformation and Student and Academic Technologies, Darcy Van Patten, is leading the team, while stakeholders from across the university are providing program governance and input surrounding implementation.

Initiative 5.2A2 of the Arizona Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

Enable a holistic constituent relationship management (CRM) strategy that allows the University of Arizona to optimize our relationship with key stakeholders, including students, alumni, corporations and the communities we serve (among others). A well-executed, technology enabled CRM strategy will enable Arizona to achieve the bold aspirations outlined in the strategic plan.

End State Vision/Strategic Goal

The enterprise CRM sub-initiative is the technology enabler for many of the other sub-initiatives in the strategic plan, and the measure of success will ultimately be how well it supports those KPIs. The initiatives that will be supported by a CRM strategy include supporting student retention, alumni giving, student engagement, community relationships, and collaborations.

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