2024, May 15 (v5.9.0)


  • Orientation Schedule Review appointments will be automatically indicated when the appointment is either attached to an orientation availability (when a student schedules the appointment) or when uploaded as a part of the partnership with colleges who are assigning these appointments for their students

Contact Interaction

  • The Class Of field on a student enrollment record will now only show a value if the student has an academic Program Status of “Completed Program”


  • Users on the Events page in CatCloud will now see both the start and end date for multi-day events
  • In CatCloud, the Date Filter on the News page now defaults to “Last 120 Days” and the Events page defaults to “Next 120 Days”. On both pages, the Date Range picklist order was updated
  • Employees can now access new features in CatCloud such as News Feed and University Sites


  • Attendee records that were imported via a Campaign can now be registered for an Event in bulk without the need to add an Event Item
  • Trellis users can now view the Attendees tab on the Contact’s Related List. This provides visibility into events that people attend or are invited to
  • The Reminder to Attend Date/Time field on Attendee will now populate at 1pm on the date that the Reminder to Attend email is sent

Navigation Bar

  • The Navigation Bar drop-down menu in the Trellis App now shows the Group Communication Lightning Page by default for those who have  permission set to view it