2024, June 7 (v5.11.0)


  • As an Event Organizer, I am now able to include Sender Profiles, Host Logos, Host Names, and the Parent Campaign when cloning an Event. I am also able to clone a Speaker to add them to a different Event
  • As an Event Organizer, I am now able to have an event have its email be required by default


  • A new Edge Learning app has been added to the Apps and Links component for employees in Catcloud


  • The visibility of Advisor Notes has been modified to restrict the viewing of case details to users identified as working with students at the same career level as that of the note
  • When creating a Drop-in appointment as part of creating a Case Detail from a person’s contact record, you are able to optionally choose a value for the Appointment Type of either Academic Advising or Orientation Schedule review