2024, June 21 (v5.12.0)


  • The Registration Survey Export .csv file will now include Attendees' phone number and Event Item name, First and Last names are split into separate columns, and all Attendees will be included in the file even if they did not answer any questions
  • As a user of Forms, I no longer can select Text as one of the question types
  • As a Trellis Events User, I am now able to add event groups from other areas
  • Fixed issue with previous release, when cloning an Event, the Parent Campaign chosen for the Event will also be included
  • Invitation, Reminder to Register, Registration Confirmation, and Reminder to Attend emails will now show Event Time Zone in the Time & Date section of the emails

Contact Records

  • Contact records will now display an informative panel of badges, to call attention to important information on the contact record: Class of, FERPA directory restriction, and Pronouns.
  • The checkbox for FERPA directory restriction is no longer displayed in the highlights panel of the contact.
  • As a Trellis user, I can now see a contact’s preferred name more prominently on the contact record so that I am aware of how to address them appropriately

Trellis General

  • Global search has been reconfigured to exclude Account results for Administrative Accounts