2024, January 10 (v5.0.0)


  • Event field is moved from the Page layout to the Compact layout on the Event-Campaign layout. By doing this, Event organizers cannot create Event from the Campaign creation form


  • Visitors to the Events list in CatCloud can now see Arizona Arts events in addition to other events
  • Employees can access the News page from the News tab on the Navigation bar in CatCloud (Employee)
  • Minor navigation enhancements were made to the profile menu and preference center in CatCloud
  • The Preference Center text and ordering in CatCloud have been enhanced to better communicate how preferences will be used

Advising - ARC Directory

  • Users of the ARC Directory will have the option of filtering their Advisor results by the campuses that the Advisor advises
  • Users of the ARC directory will see a more streamlined version of the list of Advisors for Majors, Minors, or Certificates


  • As a Trellis user who uses Service Cases, I can now also see Advising Case Details that I have access to


As a Trellis user who doesn't use a particular feature, I can see publicly available records for that feature. This includes the following features:

  1. Public Appointments
  2. Public Case Details
  3. Public Service Cases
  4. Referrals
  5. Chat Transcripts
  6. Personal Program Plans