2024, April 11 (v5.7.0)


  • When searching in the Account field on Service Cases, accounts that are record type of “Administrative” are no longer included in search results
  • The “Account Cases” related list on Program and Business Org accounts has been renamed to “Cases”

Contact Interactions

  • The “Class of” field has been added to Student Enrollment records. The value is based on the value of the Expected Grad Term field
  • The Student Enrollment-related list on Contacts has been updated to include the “Class of” field, and the Expected Graduation Term field has been removed


  • Bug Fix: Drop-In Appointments created via a drop-in queue will no longer have duplicate synced appointments


  • Text on the My Advisors page in CatCloud has been updated to include resources specific to graduate students

Group Communications

  • Changed the color of Toast Messages when creating a child campaign of an Ad Hoc campaign


  • Event organizers can choose to broadcast their new event on the University Calendar by clicking on the “Submit to University Calendar” button
  • If an Event is a part of the Event Group, the now-grouped events can be viewed together in CatCloud