2023, September 13 (v4.18.0)

Personal Program Plan

  • Co-Curricular planning staff members will now be able to edit the Personal Program Plans that are created by students, as well as create, edit and delete Personal Program Plan Items from those plans.


  • N0etID and Student ID are no longer visible on the Home page in CatCloud. Users need to select the profile icon in the top right corner to see these two Ids (Student Id has been renamed ID Number in the profile menu)

  • Users can see today's date, including the date

  • Users will see the local time in Tucson, AZ (MST) rather than campus time


  • Resolved a bug where event organizers creating attendees on events owned by users in a different department would not create Attendee Link correctly, which was causing the Attendee Link to not merge into the Register field in emails for those events.