2023, November 9 (v4.22.0)


  • Duplicate session attendees that were created when one person registers twice, or when mandatory sessions are erroneously duplicated, are now deduped on an hourly basis

  • Event Organizers will now see the Share button and manually share Forms and Form Elements


  • Scheduling users can create User Groups to control whose availabilities and/or appointments will be available in centralized check-in

  • Scheduling Users can also control if checking in to a scheduled appointment is permitted during centralized check-in - This control also allows Scheduling Users to create a centralized check-in where only check-in at the scheduled appointment is permitted

  • Scheduling User can control which Meeting Type Availabilities are available during centralized check-in

  • Location based check-in is now dependent on the existence of a User Group with a Where location value. In a User Group that is for Location check-in only, User Group Members are not required

  • On User Group records, the field Type has been renamed to Configuration Type(s) and Drop-In is no longer the default value


  • Bug showing an error banner when viewing a list of events in CatCloud that would occasionally display has been resolved

Individual Email Results

  • On Individual Email Results (IERs) in Trellis, the fields Subject Line, From Address, and From Name have been prepended with Email, as Email Subject Line, Email From Address, and Email From Name

  • Fixed bug where some IERs were not getting the View Email field populated - a very small population of IERs will remain blank if an IER was created more than 7 days after the email was sent