2023, March 29 (v4.6.0)

Scheduling and Service

  • References to “student” and “advisor” have been removed in some areas since implementing Employee Scheduling.

  • As a Service Case User, I see a descriptive list of departments so I am confident in where I am transferring a case.

External Partners

  • As a user of Leads in Trellis, I can convert my lead which will then create a new Business Organization, and optionally, a new Administrative Account and Contact record. 


  • Users can now send more than one Reminder to Register email to the same invited Attendee. The Reminder to Register Date/Time field on the Attendee record will be updated with the most recently sent email.

  • For Events users, the Host field is no longer required on the Communications tab of an Event. Host should be used to identify the department(s) hosting the event.

  • For Events users, fixed a bug so that when a user working in the Communications tab of an Event tries to remove the Host, Host Logo, or Email Message Body, that edit will carry forward after the user returns to the screen.

  • The Greeting name will now display the preferred name of the Attendee.

  • The Registration Survey Results CSV Export now includes a column with the attendee's email

  • The Clone button will now retain the data in the Category field. 

  • The UArizona Unit and Affiliated Campus(es) fields are removed from the Event page and they will no be longer needed to publish an event. 

  • The Category field which used to be a Multi-Select Picklist field, will now be a Single Select Picklist field

Marketing Cloud

  • Some Preferred First Name records were listing a Contact's First Name and Middle Initial, this has been updated to only use the preferred name when set