2023, December 8 (v4.23.0)


  • As an Event creator, selecting at least one option for each attribute (Topic, Category, and Audience) is required for publishing an event. Even if the event's External Visibility is set to "Don't Broadcast (invite only)"


  • Scheduling users can add up to 50,000 characters to their Announcement which displays on their calendar
  • For scheduling users, busy availabilities from Outlook do not show up as availability options on the CatCloud calendar
  • Outlook 2 Way functionality will be turned on

External Partners

  • External Partners users can now create a Case Detail from a Lead so they can record their notes in the same way as they do for Contacts and Accounts
  • When I search for an Account, I see the department code in the results preview

Marketing Cloud

  • Users can now run reports in Trellis on Aggregate Link Level Details to see click metrics related to an email that was sent from Marketing Cloud. Previously, users would have to run these reports on Individual Link Level Details related to Individual Email Results, and aggregate the results manually or using summaries or a report formula, to get send-wide click metrics


  • Visitors to CatCloud can now manage their email subscriptions from the profile menu > Subscriptions.
  • When clicking on an action from the Profile menu in CatCloud, the modal now closes instead of the user needing to click the X to close.