2023, August 3 (v4.15.0)

Scheduling & Service

  • Campaigns

    • Fixed bug that surfaced on 7/19 where email opt-out report was not filtering down by Campaign

  • Personal Program Plan

    • Students are now able to see the due dates of their Personal Program Plan Items.

    • Students are able to see the files on their active Personal Program Plans and Personal Program Plan Items. 

    • Students are now able to print their Personal Program Plans, including their Personal Program Plan Items. 

    • Students are now able to see their Personal Program Plans sorted by either the name of the plan or by when it was last modified.

Individual Email Reports

  • Users who have access to Individual Email Results can now see 'View Email' field (web version on the sent email)

External Partners

  • Enhancements to the external partners leads and lead conversion process

    • The University Account is populated after the lead is created based on the user's contact's affiliation.

    • The primary checkbox on the business affiliation is true (primary checkbox is false on university dept).

    • The preferred email is set to ‘work’ and the work email is populated when a lead is converted.


  • Affiliations for UA employees with job family of Student Contact Center Support or UAGC Online Instructor will now be brought into Trellis along with all other daily affiliation updates, beginning 7/28.