2022, November 30 (v3.34.0)


  • Students will see an updated version of the Meal Debit Plan and CatCash widgets with action links and names that better represent the widget and its purpose.


  • A new related list UArizona Unit(s) and Summary field are added to Promotion tab on Events.

  • Enterprise Attributes are now available for Events under Promotion tab. Users will now see four new multi-select picklist fields: Audience, Affiliated Campus(es), Topic and Category. Event Organizer is required to complete them before they publish their event so that Experience Site users can search and filter events based on the Enterprise Attributes.

  • City, Arizona County, State and Tribal Nation picklists have been added to Event Object. These fields are not on the layout and only visible to System Admins, System Users, and Trellis API Read Only Profiles. All Picklist Values are available for the Event Record Type Only. Venue_Country is an existing field that is on the page layout and now the System User has access to the field.

  • Commencement Support - Two new values (VIP and Pre-Registration Complete) were added to the Visibility Control fields on both the Attendee and Event Item objects.