2022, November 10 (v3.33.0)

Service and Scheduling

  • Users who typically work with students will now see a new field on the student's contact record, "FERPA Directory Restriction".  This field, when checked, will indicate that the student has one or more FERPA restriction flags set on their UAccess Student record.

  • Updated campus locations for Arizona Global to be Arizona International and Arizona Global Direct to be Arizona International Direct.



  • Students in CatCloud will now have a widget option, 'Reserve Study Room', which will take them to the University's Main Library Spaces website where they can reserve a study room.

  • Students in CatCloud can not cancel orientation schedule review appointments.

  • Students will see class items on the CatCloud homepage that do not have due dates. These class items can be created by the student or through the D2L integration

  • Co-Curricular Planning Users - What's New:

    • a new field called Planning Department is automatically populated based on the owner of the Personal Program Plan (PPP) record. If the PPP was created by a student, the Planning Department value will be "Student"

    • list views on PPP have been updated to reflect more relevant fields and additional list views have been created to assist users in locating PPP records

    • the PPP related list on Contact has been updated to reflect more relevant fields

    • the Personal Program Plan Item-related list on PPP has been updated to reflect more relevant fields



  • Users with Internal Profiles now can Subscribe to Reports and Dashboards.

    Internal Profiles:

    • Salesforce Base

    • Advising Base

    • Service Desk Base

    • Trellis User