2022, July 6 (v3.23.0)

Service and Scheduling

  • Appointment type is available to scheduling users when creating new appointments. This field is not required and is in beta form.
  • Visual updates to students' scheduling user calendars improve consistency across the application.
  • Source field on Appointments and Availabilities security updated for relevant profiles. Historical availabilities identified with a source value of Trellis.
  • Service Case users will no longer need to select Case Category or Subcategory when transferring a case to another department.
  • When viewing availability to schedule an appointment, students see any busy calendar events created in Trellis. Busy availabilities synced from Outlook are not visible on the student view.


  • CatCloud users can now customize and reorder the new Quick Links on the homepage by drag and drop.
  • Undergraduate students who are eligible to apply to graduate will receive a CatCloud notification 5 days before the upcoming deadline.