2022, July 20 (v3.24.0)

Service and Scheduling 

  • Text that displays in the 24/7 chat has been made to be dynamic so approved 24/7 Trellis users are able to update without a developer. Users are restricted to 3 lines maximum in the announcement text.
  • An Appointment type field is now selectable when a scheduling user creates an appointment from the Scheduling app. This field will be used for unique appointment types that trigger other actions. The first available type is Orientation Schedule Review which will be used in a pilot with the A Center for the academic unit session and advisor appointments for mandatory orientation appointments.
  • Provide a New Member Affiliation form and an Officer Contact Update form for Fraternity and Sorority Programs in the Dean of Students Office.
  • First version of the Co-curricular Planning tool. This version is only available to Co-Curricular Planning working group members.


  • When viewing their advisors or searching for appointments in CatCloud, students will not see the 'Unavailable' icon for users who are using other scheduling tools (i.e. Eller, CALS, Education)
  • Students can scroll to the bottom of the new appointment form to select the Cancel or Confirm button.
  • Students using smaller mobile devices (<350px) can see availability on scheduling user calendars.


  • The Registration Survey Results report has been simplified and the option to export the report as a csv has been added to the Reports tab.  This export includes each question (Form Element Summary) as a column and each Attendee as a row.

Marketing Cloud 

  • Users now have a Full_Name field in the Save to Marketing Cloud data extensions for campaign members (which already existed on the Student, Employee, and Campaign Shared Salesforce Data Extensions).
  • Users now have the Last_Name field on Student and Employee and Campaign Shared Salesforce Data Extensions (which already existed on the Save to Marketing Cloud Data Extensions). 
  • The Full Name field will include the contact's First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Salutation if they exist and can be used for filtering and merged into communications.