2022, August 4 (v3.25.0)

Service and Scheduling 

  • New Degree Completer EDS affiliation value added.
  • Indemnification Form provided for Fraternity and Sorority Programs in the Dean of Students Office.
  • SAFER users given additional access to fields on Contacts and Cases.
  • Instructors are able to customize the Calls to Action they provide to students in their EPRs.


  • CatCloud Service Menu modified item to read "My Advisors" instead of "Home".
  • Student notifications in CatCloud will be retained for 120 days. Future notifications for classes that are dropped or withdrawn will be removed from display in CatCloud.
  • Students new to CatCloud will have default quick links assigned to them, to include UAccess, D2L, Open Cases, Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, and CatCash.
  • Added Technical Support banner to Catcloud homepage.


  • On Events, the Registration Survey Results report has been simplified and a new option to export the report as a csv has been added to the Reports tab.  This export will include each question (Form Element Summary) as a column, and each Attendee as a row.
  • Invitation Performance report layout was simplified to be more intuitive and easy to read.
  • Users no longer have to register for Events and its related Sessions separately. User can just add related Session/s while registering for the Event.  For Event Organizers, when they add a Session/s to an Event with an already existing Event Item/s, the newly added Session/s will be automatically linked to Event Item/s and vice versa. 
  • Resolved a bug where the body of the custom email message that was previously built did not display when trying to review the content through event flow.